About CAPS

The Chinese Association of Productivity Science (CAPS) was launched in November 1980 with an original name of Chinese Research Institute of Productivity Economics. Approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the organization was renamed CAPS in November 1995. Registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs and being administered by the National Bureau of Statistics,CAPS is an academic mass organization devoting into the study of productivity theories and practices. In 1987, it was admitted to be member of the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS). Moreover, in 2005, Mr.Chen Shengchang, Vice Chairperson and Secretary-general of CAPS, was elected the Director of the Board of WCPS.

Ever since its establishment, members of CAPS have published hundreds of monographs and several thousand of articles on productivity. Jointly with relevant organizations, we have done three integrated surveys of Yangtze River. In addition, we have ever held development strategy forums for some provinces, cities, counties as well as enterprises for many times. There have been 15 academic annual meetings and some academic forums hosted by CAPS. Also, CAPS has performed researches and organized appraisal activities for the development of some provinces, cities, large-scale enterprises, some of which had won favorable reception from national leaders. Regarding the Research on the Development of Chinese Productivity approved by Premier Wen Jiabao, we have achieved a series of periodical successes. Wen has made many instructions and comments on the achievements. Meanwhile, some relevant government departments have also cited or made use of our results in long-term planning and policy formulation. What’s more, CAPS has sent delegations to attend international meetings held by WCPS several times, and has successfully organized the 12th & 14th World Productivity Congress collaborating with Hong Kong Productivity Council and Shenyang Municipal government respectively.

 Organization Structure

 The association consists of private members and group members. Private members are specialists and scholars who have contributed enormously to the theory or practice of productivity from various circles such as academia, business, journalism and government. Group members are those enterprises and institutions having interest in productivity science, productivity information and productivity practices. At present, we have 52 group members, 1,298 senior members and as many as 11,331 general members.

The organizational framework of CAPS is elected via the delegate meeting. On the 15th Annual Convention held in 2009, there are 591 members including Mr. Wang Maolin being elected the Director of the 15th Council, 32members including Mr. Yu Xili the Honorary Director, and 33 members including Yin Jinrui the Honor Director. Mr. Jiang Zhenghua, Mr. Yu Guangyuan and Mr. Zhang Sai were elected the Honorary Chairperson; 27 members including Mr. Ding Guangen the consultant; Mr. Wang Maolin the Chairperson; Mr. Zhai Ligong the Managing Chairperson, 39 members including Mr. Ding Yi the Vice Chairperson, and Mr. Chen Shengchang the Secretary-general of CAPS.

We have established an academic committee made up of 62 members including Mr. Li Jingwen. Besides, there are also many expert committees such as Network Economy Committee, Transformation Committee of Science and Technology into Productivity, Chinese Productivity Distribution and Regional Economic Development Committee, Innovation Promoting Committee, and several departments such as the Propaganda Department, the Consulting and Service Department, as well as the Division of Information. All of these committees and departments have developed a wide range of effective activities.


 CAPS is a reservoir rich in human resources, its members including many scientists, senior scholars, business leaders and government officials. On the one hand, they are the strong backup force of the association, contributing knowledge, technology, information and funds; on the other hand, the association offers various kinds of services to its members, providing them a platform to serve the society.

The objective of CAPS is to grow into a powerful center focusing on the research, consultancy, transformation, promotion and training of productivity issues, offering high quality services to regions, enterprises as well as government departments.