CAPS Activities

The 7th Session of 2015 Printed and Published on November 16

1. Getting Hold of Big Data to promote the Development Situation of Productivity --Sending China’s Understands to the World 2. Promoting the New Productivity Development of China and the World in the Big-data Age with Joint Efforts 3. China’s Urbanization ---- from Digital Cities to Smart Cities 4. Big Data Promotes Productivity 5. Science & Technology Innovations ------ the Route for the Development of the China’s Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The 1th Session of 2016 Printed and Published on January 16

1. The 18th Annual Conference of CAPS and (Chinese Nationality) Academicians Symposium of WAPS Were Grandly Held in Beijing 2. Forging Ahead by Inheriting the Past and Carrying on the Future -We Ought to Make Our Efforts to Promote the Steady Implementation of Our State’s “B&R” Strategy 3. Promoting the New Development of China’s Productivity with Unity and Joint Efforts 4. We Will Make Efforts to Make a New Step for the Association’s Work by Inheriting the Past and Carrying on the Future - About the Concluding Report on the Association’s Work and the Future Work Plan

The 3th Session of 2016 Printed and Published on February 26

1. The Innovation & Business Establishment Summit (Chongqing) on “Belt and Road” Initiative and 2015 Annual Conference of China’s Enterprises’ Innovations were grandly Held in Chongqing 2. Innovation is put in the core position in the National Overall Development – a Speech by Jiang Zhenghua 3. Deeply Carrying out Innovation-driven Development Strategy – a Speech Zhai Ligong 4. Innovation is the Most Important Route and Key to Promote Enterprises’ Development – a Speech by Yu Honghui 5. List of the Leaders and Distinguished Guests Present 6. List of the Enterprisers Invited to Make Speeches

The 5th Session of 2015 issued on August 24

1. The Report on the Research on China Reaching the Level of the Moderately Developed Countries by 2050 Gained an Important Instruction from Premier Li Keqiang 2. The Representative Conference of the 18th Standing Council of CAPS Was Successfully Held in Beijing 3. Promote the Development of China’s Productivity by Carrying on the Past and Usher in the Future ----The speech at the representative conference of the Standing Councilors

The 6th Session of 2015 issued on September 25

1. Practically Catch the Hold of the Situations of Our Economic Development and Shift Competitiveness into Productivity Force ---- Abstract of the Speech at the Symposium of Jianghai Joint Development Model Zone Construction at Tongzhou Bay of Nantong City 2. A Brief Introduction to The Spring of Productivity --- a Collection of the Theses on the Research of Productivity Theory 3. We Deeply Mourn Academician Wei Bingyi 4. 2015 Summit of China’s Healthy Drinking-water Engineering was grandly held in Wuqing City

The 10th-12th Session of 2014 issued on July 24

Headlines 1.2012 Board Meetings of WCPS Held in Canada 2.The Review Meeting of Sixty Years Academic Course of Academician Li Jingwen and His Eightieth Birthday Celebration Held in Beijing 3.A Letter of Congratulations 4.A Speech by Professor Rui Mingjie in Fudan University